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Trail of Lesser Poland castles - 3 dni / 2 noce

Day 1
- Meeting with the pilot in previously agreed place and time (8.00 - 10.00);
- A trip to Wieliczka Salt Mine Museum and Saltworks Museum:
  exploring the underground salt excavations with the guide on a specified tourist track in the mine;
  visiting Saltworks Museum, Saltworks Castle with its own museum, the church of St. Sebastian;
- Accommodation in a hotel in Krakow - by choice;
- Stay at the Aqua Park;
- Dinner;
- An evening stroll through old krakovian Kazimierz.

Polturizm excursions Polturizm excursions Polturizm excursions

Day 2
- Breakfast;
- Guided tour of the old Krakow: Matejko Square, Barbican, Florian's Gate, Floriańska Street, Main Market Square with
  St. Mary's Church, City Hall, Cloth Hall, Grodzka Street, Wawel: (Courtyard, Cathedral, Zygmunt Bell, Dragon's Den),
  Jagiellonian University Collegium Maius;
- A trip to krakovian Zoo.

Polturizm excursions Polturizm excursions Polturizm excursions

Day 3
- Breakfast;
- Sightseeing: Ojców National Park, ruins of the castle of Casimir III The Great from 14th century, museum of Ethnography,
  Castle in Piaskowa Skała, Chapel "on the water", Dark Cave and Cave of Łokietek, wooden houses and villas on the terrain
  of a village from the turn of 19th and 20th century, bonfire with activities;
- End of the trip.

Polturizm excursions Polturizm excursions Polturizm excursions

Price includes:
- Two nights stay with breakfast and dinner at the hotel in Krakow;
- The cost of a guide to Krakow, Wieliczka Salt Mine and Museum in Wieliczka;
- Tickets to the Water Park (3 hrs), Royal Cathedral on Wawel, Zygmunt Bell, the Royal Tombs, St. Mary's Church,
  Dragon's Den, Salt Mine in Wieliczka, Saltworks Museum in Wieliczka, the Zoo, tickets for the trip on the third day;
- Attendance of pilot staying with the group throughout the tour.

Tour prices are negotiated individually and depend on:
- The number of participants;
- Means of transport handling the tour;
- Type of accommodation.

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